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Downtown Galva
-Market Street-

The photo to the right shows Market Street in downtown Galva sometime after 1914.  At the far right is a corner of the Best Building with the Princess theater which, for a time, was housed in the eastern most storefront.  The next three buildings as the picture goes to the left were replaced by larger buildings of brick construction.  The two story building, and the brick one immediately following it are currently part of McKay's Bar and Grille.

The "Best Building" was built in 1914 by John H. Best who had founded, in the late1800's, a business in Galva that built display racks.  In 1914 this retail building was built with glass store fronts facing onto South Exchange Street and Market Street.  On the second floor this building has apartments, and on the first floor there are five store fronts.  A portion of the southern parapet wall was damaged during a windstorm in 2003.  This building still looks very much as it does in the photo to the left.



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